Hiking / Biking Topographical map

FREE Mobile Map with GAIA App

Owners of the paper map are given free access to an electronic version of the map for use on the GAIA Hiking App (pre-purchase of the app necessary).

To receive access to your e-map follow the following steps:

1) Install the Gaia App on your mobile device.

2) Subscribe to a GAIA membership. Use the link below to receive a 20% discount on your first year's membership:


3) Scratch off the panel on the back of the map to reveal the activation code. For maps ordered by mail there will be no need to scratch.

4) Email your activation code and email address used to register with GAIA to (subject line emap).

5) Confirmation of access with further instuctions will be emailed to you (as this is a manual process please allow a few days).

SPECIAL NOTE: Electronic maps running on a mobile device should always be used in conjunction with a paper map, compass, and the knowledge of how to use them. Technology can fail (especially in outdoor environments) and should not be relied on solely for navigation. Remember to keep your phone switched off in the backcountry to save batteries, and only switch it on when you need to confirm/find your position. Many Search and Rescue calls have been initiated due to a failed phone!